Kids Clothing - 1 for 1

For many children, both close to home and far afield, basic necessities such as food on their table or clothes on their back, can be found sorely lacking. The impacts of material deprivation, impacts both physical & psychological, are utterly devastating, all the more so when it mars those vital years of childhood. Whilst not always considered, it is often the simple dignity afforded by having something comfortable, clean & unbroken to wear that carries the most power, that can mean the most to those wearing it.
Issues as large and pervasive as this require solutions and pushes for change of an even greater magnitude, they're problems which we must all face together. As part of our ethos, that the purchases we make can mean more than just minimising the harm they cause, we've committed to donating an item of children's clothing on a 1 to 1 basis - so for each piece of kids clothing sold on Illustrate, a piece will be donated to those children less fortunate.