Sustainable Clothing

Our kids’ range is made entirely with organic cotton (psst our kids jumpers are made with 15% recycled polyester too) and, like all our clothing, is made exclusively in FWF certified factories. As per our code of conduct all kid's clothing is GOTS, OEKO-TEX & Organic Blended certified.  

In this way we help all our independent  artists produce and responsibly source materials to ensure care is taken in every item sold on the Illustrate Marketplace. 

We like to keep things local that way we can support fellow independent businesses, cut down on needless emissions and we can keep as close an eye on quality as possible. That's why all our kid's clothing is printed locally, right here in Bristol.

Organic T-Shirts



Through making these practices easily accessible we can all stay true to our core sustainable values yet still appreciate inspirational work from independent artists.

By offering access to these practices to artists & creatives from around the globe we can affect change and creativity on the same scale. 

When you buy clothes on Illustrate, you buy directly from the artist and therefore support them to continue to produce and sell amazing work. 

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