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Article: Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Where it all began…

Illustrate started with two friends, Toby & James, who spent their time away from uni (as well as their student loans) producing and selling Toby’s artwork at markets. Life wasn’t glamorous but the response they got, as well as the artists they saw plying their trade alongside them, made them realise there was the potential for something bigger.

They grafted, graduated &, after all the stops and starts you’d imagine, Illustrate as you know it came about. Supported by friends and family the whole journey, it was this collective, supportive spirit they wanted Illustrate to offer to creatives around the world.

From the humble beginnings of one artist, Illustrate has grown and now connects over 20 creatives with the people who love their work. Now with our online marketplace, what began with two friends & a market pitch continues to grow; supporting creatives, offering sustainable alternatives & looking forward to the next step.

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