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  • We provide specialist printing on a range of organic and sustainable garments.
  • We offer water based, plastisol & discharge inks - the ideal print for whatever you may need.
  • Our experienced team will pantone colour match & hand mix your inks.
  • Need any advice? We'll walk you through the whole process and be on hand for any queries you may have. More FAQ's answered below or get in touch for a quote.

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Although its origins can be traced way back when to 11th century China screen printing as we know it really sprang to life in the 1920s, thanks to a little ingenuity and helpfully lax laws on chemical experimentation! Since then it's taken two paths; becoming the most popular form of garment printing, spearheading the rise of the t-shirt in the 1950s, and as the artistic medium (known as serigraphy) for world-renowned artists such as Andy Warhol. At Illustrate we bring the two together, specialising in printing highly intricate artwork onto a wide array of garments & materials.

The most versatile printing technique, screen printing involves (no points for guessing) a screen consisting of a mesh or fabric sheet stretched taut over a frame. A stencil of the required design blocks out the areas of fabric that will not be printed and a rubber blade, the squeegee, is used to force the ink or paint through the unblocked screen and onto the garment. As only one colour can be printed at a time, prints which use multiple colours and layers will need multiple screens.

At Illustrate we live & breathe art, and everything we do is geared to showcasing & reimagining artwork as best we can. We have extensive experience in transferring pieces of art, from hand drawn to digital, to print form on garments & accessories. From our experienced screen printers, to our graphic designers, to our entire Creative Team, we keep a beady eye on each & every print, ensuring consistent, high-quality results for every order. 

Yes, for garments we have an MOQ of 10 items per order. Orders over 100 items & then over 500 items are subject to reduced rates.

Yes, both multi-colour prints & printing on multiple locations incurs a higher cost. For more information please refer to our Screen Print Cost Sheet which is available upon enquiry.

We do! We welcome bespoke commissions, with our team of designers & printers on hand to inform & execute your vision. If you need a logo or illustration produced please get in touch via the "Get a Quote" button and we will assist you from there.

Yes, we do! We offer charities / not-for-profits a 10% discount off the printing cost of their order.