Night Festival: A Wordless Picture Book

'Night Festival: A Wordless Picture Book' is the brainchild of artist Michelle Simpson and it's a project which after finding out about we knew we had to get behind. What started out as a personal project, to fill the time between paid illustration jobs, has gathered pace over the last two years and become something else entirely.

Night Festival Scene

To start with, Michelle was simply enjoying drawing fun scenes featuring her little creature creations but, as she drew, the kernel of an idea developed. Michelle spotted an opportunity to use her skills as an illustrator to write a book which would be accessible to everyone, the young, the old and speakers of every language the world over. As such 'Night Festival: A Wordless Picture Book' is, just as the name suggests, a story told purely visually with Michelle's wondrous, detail filled drawings truly telling at least a thousand words each.

Not wanting to make something which was aimed at crassly marketing itself, a story told just to make money, Michelle set out with the aim of creating something which was the antidote to the 'empty cartoons' parents complain about. Modelled on the stories which have kept her coming back since she was a child, Michelle has tried to imbue 'Night Festival: A Wordless Picture Book' with that same depth of meaning she found in stories with the hope others, no matter the language, would too.

Girl led through a forest by a fox - from 'Night Festival: A Wordless Picture Book'

Writing a book isn't cheap; it takes time, effort and resources, with publishing one being even more expensive. Luckily, for all it's faults, the internet, in particular sites such as Kickstarter, have given independent creatives a bigger shot than ever before at realising their dreams and doing it without having to compromise their original idea. If Michelle's project is one which you'd like to endorse then head over to her Kickstarter to lend a helping hand.