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Article: 5 DIY Gift Ideas In Time For Christmas - Guest Blog

Hands holding a DIY gift descorated with a fern and pine cone; more pine cones and gifts in the background
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5 DIY Gift Ideas In Time For Christmas - Guest Blog

Hands up who's feeling festive? Have you been busy decorating your home? Buying gifts? Maybe over-indulging at your work's Christmas do?! And how about those of us who are feeling stressed? Christmas, albeit a lovely time of year to connect with loved ones, can also bring anxiety and is typically the time of year when emotions run high and we feel the pressure to find just the right gift and give every last bit of our time to all those people who we need to please.Hands holding a DIY gift descorated with a fern and pine cone; more pine cones and gifts in the backgroundSo what can we do to keep our cortisol levels in check and avoid feeling run down before the big day? My favourite way to use my energy in a positive way and avoid the queues is make my own gifts. This is a great way to dedicate time to being creative, whilst making time to relax and unwind at home. What's more, by making my own gifts, my conscience is clear from the guilt of buying brand new items and I know that my homemade gift won't have cost the earth, as well as my purse.

Here are my top 5 DIY gift suggestions:

1. Relaxing lavender eye pillow

Upcycle an old scarf, silk tie, or even sunglasses case to make this thoughtful gift to help your loved one relax and unwind:

Here’s some I made earlier using upcycled silk ties found in charity shops:

5 Eye pillows hand made from upcycled silk ties

2. Customised plant pot

Choose your favourite succulent or cute cacti (Illustrate have a great range in their shop!), grab yourself an old plant pot, some gold paint, jazzy shapes and create a thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to your loved one! Take a look at @madpot_creations, @thepryingeyes and @pinkcloudstudio on Instagram to find inspiration!

This has got to be my fave from @madpot_creations!Two succulents in hand painted plant pots, intended as gifts

3. How about a mini macramé hanger?!

This is one for those feeling really inspired by the plant theme! holding two DIY mini macrame hangers

4. Coffee body scrub

Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover? Why not make them this delicious smelling coffee body scrub by upcycling used coffee grounds? Genius! Just add brown sugar and coconut oil. made coffee body scrub in jar surrounded by coffee beans

5. Custom-made lampshade

Finally why not bring some light into that special someone’s life with a custom-made lampshade? You could upcycle an old map, a t-shirt that’s filled with nostalgia or feed your inner interior designer and find a fabric remnant that matches their décor. Not sure how to make a lampshade? Come along to a workshop hosted at Illustrate's store on Park Street, Bristol, bringing the covering of your choice, on Sunday 16th December at 2-4pm to make a DIY Christmas gift that’s truly special. A DIY lampshade made from an upcycled old map, Illustrate's cursive logo (bottom left)

- Charly @ Light the Way

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