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Tobias Illustrations

Toby Brunsdon, Tobias Illustrations, is a Bristol based artist as well as being Illustrate’s co-founder & Creative Director! His signature zentangle style, influenced by his time in India after leaving university, has defined Illustrate’s style and made us what we are today. 

"I’ve always had a passion for wildlife and the natural world. Wildlife has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, I always had pets growing up and loved studying about animals in school. As I got older and realised the plight of many animals, portraying their beauty and increasing awareness became more and more important." - Toby Brunsdon

Toby loves to draw inspiration from animals he’s met on his travels and this personal touch is why all his designs have a character and personality all of their own. Describing himself as going into something of a trance-like state when drawing, Toby’s pieces are entirely hand drawn with his larger pieces taking as long as 50 hours to complete.


In their own words...

Q: So, when did you know that you would be an artist?

A: After I drew 'The Stag', which was my first large zentangle piece I fell in love with the medium. The patience and intricacy required always calmed me down, allowing me to block everything else out for hours. After sharing this design with friends and family and getting such positive feedback it felt great to know people appreciated what I could create. So I kept going and shortly after found myself doing it full time.

Q: What are the unique struggles of working with your chosen medium? 

A: Working with archival ink can be difficult, if you make mistakes you can’t erase it so either you start again or work around the error. 

Q: Finally, any advice for aspiring artists? 

A: Start young, be patient and try to create something every day.

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