Meet the Artist

Mat Miller

Originally from Buckinghamshire, Mat is now based right by us in Illustrate’s hometown of Bristol! Mat specialises in traditional illustration and digital painting wherein he hand draws the outline of his pieces and then uses a graphics pad to digitally colour them, this is how he achieves such stunning vibrant colours in his designs.

“I draw because it makes me happy.  I’m very fortunate to be able to make a living from what I love doing.” – Mat Miller

Bold and graphic with elements of surrealism, Mat’s art began to take shape in secondary school where sci-fi artists, & anime, made him realise how graphic & fantasy-led art could be. Spurred on by this realisation Mat hasn’t looked back and, since graduating with a degree in graphic design, has forged his path as a freelance artist creating the sort of work he’s wanted to since his schooldays.

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In their own words

Q: “So, when did you know that you would be an artist?”

A: “I've always wanted to be an artist in some way I think as I discovered I was half decent at drawing from an early age.  I knew I would actually be able to make a living from it a few years after leaving uni.”

Q: “Do you have a dream workshop/studio?”

A: “I think the dream for me would be to own or part own a big space where lots of other artists and illustrators can work from.  Studio spaces in cities are often very unstable, they get cashed in on by the owners and developed into property or bland versions of what they were previously with the price tripled.”

Q: “What are the unique struggles of working with your chosen medium?”

A: “I do end up with some really large photoshop files which can be problematic when sending work to clients or saving the damn things.”

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