Sustainable Materials

The best things are beautiful and functional, that’s why we spent so long developing our cases to have a fully protective black rubberised chassis housing a real cherry wood veneer.  Since our first case we’ve made the design dramatically thinner but maintained each cases unique natural grain.  

As the case is exposed to the elements the wood darkens with age, naturally varnishing from the oils on your hand. This only complements the detailed etching of the creative's artwork & makes it that rare thing; a product which gets better with age.

For every wooden phone case & for every skateboard, longboard or art deck a creative sells we commit to planting a tree.  

Wood is one of our favourite materials; it's versatile, natural & beautiful but, despite the fact it really does grow on trees, there's not an endless supply - at least not if we carry on using it in the way we do. That's why we've partnered up with the NGO One Tree Planted to run our very own reforestation scheme.

Your Positive Footprint

Awareness of the dangers of plastic, and throw away culture in general, is at an all-time high yet despite this the amount of plastic we dump each year is still colossal. Whilst personal choices are far from a cure all for an issue this big doing away with disposable bottles is a great way to cut your own plastic footprint - not to mention a good way to get into the habit of drinking more water!

We donate 10% from each water bottle sold on Illustrate to Frank Water, a not-for-profit dedicated to securing clean water & sanitation for the millions of people who still lack either.

We walk what we talk; as a refill registered business we open the doors of our brick & mortar stores for free tap water bottle refills to curb plastic pollution from source. 


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