Meet the artist

Colors of the Wild

Kathrin Schwarz, also known as Colors of the Wild, was among the first artists to join the Illustrate collective. Based in the beautiful city of Vienna, Kathrin studied graphic design but, having a passion for traditional art since she was a child, has taught herself to paint & draw in her spare time.

“I have been drawing since I was a child… People often ask where I learned to draw but it’s all self-taught.” – Kathrin Schwarz

Kathrin specialises in watercolours as she loves the tranquillity of painting and the elegant, beautiful finish she can achieve in her work. Animals have always been a big part of her life and it’s this appreciation for the natural world which is the heartbeat of her art.

Meet the Artist

Why Watercolour?

Watercolour, known in French as aquarelle, refers to the method (as well as the resulting artwork) of painting with pigments suspended in a water-based solution. With origins dating back as far back as the Paleolithic, it is from the Renaissance that watercolour as we know it can be traced.

"Watercolor is like life. Better get it right the first time – you don't get a second chance!" -Sergei Bongart

An art form celebrated for its elegance and ethereal quality, watercolour lays down pigment to paper in a less tamed, but purer form than oils or pastels. Unforgiving of mistakes but hugely rewarding in the beautiful pieces you can create; watercolour remains a favourite medium - for the dabbler as well as the master.

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