Meet the Artist

Chen Naje

Chen Naje, known also as Chen and Ink, was the first artist from Asia to become a part of the Illustrate collective. Based in Albay, Philippines Chen was originally enrolled as a Computer Science student, but it quickly dawned on him that art was where his real passion lay so he upped sticks to the other end of the spectrum and became a Fine Art student. 

" Since I was a kid, I've always found joy in drawing... " - Chen Naje

Since then he’s not looked back, his pieces are predominantly of animals, usually with a surreal twist; entirely hand drawn his highly detailed drawings are full of texture (especially the fur!) Chen’s style is ever evolving but is always underpinned by a love for animals and a passion to draw.

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In their own words...

Q: "How long did it take to refine your personal style?"

A: "To be honest, I’m still refining my personal style up to now. My drawings are not consistent in terms of style. I guess my style is not having a consistent style."

Q: "On average, how long does one of your pieces take to complete?"

A: "The time needed to complete a drawing depends on the complexity and details of the piece but on average, it would be 12 hours."

Q: "Who are your inspirations, not just artists?"

A: "My inspirations are my parents and my girlfriend. They are always supportive in what I do, especially my girlfriend. She is my number one fan. There are times I feel down, and I lose hope in my art but she always brings me up and makes me believe in myself."

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