The Best Wooden Phone Cases in the UK?

Here at Illustrate, we are enormously proud of all the products we have on offer - how could we not be with the talent we are privileged to have on show. Not the least, we are shouting from the rooftops about our range of cherry wood phone cases engraved with a selection of the fabulous designs you've no doubt seen if you're reading this. We think they're gorgeous and practical, the dreamy maths teacher of the phone case world, but we don't expect you to just accept flowery language or ham-fisted similes. So we thought we'd give you the low down on our cases key features to help you get to the root of just how special they are.
We are proud to offer a case to protect the iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5SE, 5c, 6/6S, 6plus, 7, 7plus, 8 & 8plus respectively as well as offering cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7. The variety doesn't stop there however with our 3 separate cherry-wood phone case lines; our original Ultra Protective line, our Smart Fit line and finally our subsequent line of New Ultra Protective cases. What's more, there is a veritable treasure trove of designs to take your pick of and more exciting still we're continuing to expand the range of designs on offer. We want this both to give you as much choice as possible but also to showcase the versatility of painstakingly crafted pieces of art on display. One such new addition is the design 'Polar' by Bristol based Toby Brunsdon also known as Tobias Illustrations. 
Our original Ultra Protective range is available to buy from as little as £10 when you purchase two cases and £12.50 if you purchase one. This case features a range of designs engraved onto cherry wood veneer mounted onto a rubberised TPU chassis which completely encases the phone offering supreme protection whilst still being comfortable to hold and retains full button and port access. The original UP range features a thinner wooden veneer meaning the designs are fainter yet this is ideal for those wishing to inject a little style into their accessories without wanting to be too ostentatious.
Our Smart Fit range differs from the Ultra Protective range as its chassis is slighter and less pronounced not completely covering the top or bottom of the phone. This sacrifices some protection for a sleeker feel and look. The Smart Fit does feature a thicker cherry wood veneer than the old Ultra Protective range making it sturdier and allowing a deeper more striking engraving that really does look absolutely stunning. These are available for £10 for the iPhone 4 & Samsung Galaxy S5 cases, £12.50 for the iPhone 5c & Samsung S6 cases and then £15 for all the remaining models.
Our new Ultra Protective range acts as a kind of best of both worlds of the previous two; it boasts both the Smart Fit's thicker cherry wood veneer and the original Ultra Protectives more protective TPU chassis. Our new Ultra Protective range has a truly premium feel to it, perfect to compliment the ludicrously expensive gadget burning a hole in your pocket and screaming out for the snug, safe embrace of cherry wood and rubberised TPU (not to mention that snazzy laser etched design making it the talk of the town.) As you'd expect the new Ultra Protective range sits at the top of our pricing scale but at £20 it is still far from expensive especially given just how good they look. They say you can't put a price on art but even so, we think we've been quite reasonable.
As a company, we never shy away from our responsibility to ethical and environmentally conscious practice. The depictions of nature which pervade much of our artist's work are not simply a motif they mean something and we like to use what influence we have advocating positive causes, it is in this vein which our most ambitious project thus far follows. Come October we are committing to planting a tree for every ten phone cases sold and this is to include all back dated sales as well, quite the task to say the least. "A man of words but not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds" so said John Fletcher and we fully agree that actions are far more important than just paying lip service, through actions you can enact change as well as inspire. Now through this scheme, your purchase will not only mean you get a beautiful phone case but also that another tree has been planted, trees are one of the most vital organisms on Earth they stabilise soil, produce oxygen and offset carbon emissions - not bad for £10 to £20.