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Oil Cleansing/Dry

The oil cleansing method was born from the chemistry concept that 'Like dissolves like' .

We know that our skin naturally produces oils to protect, moisturise and heal our skin, and so if our skin needs these oils to be healthy, we need to replace the old dirty oils with beneficial new ones.

Most commercial soaps and face masks work on the basis that all oil is dirty, and must be stripped from skin in order for it to be clean and break out free. However when we strip away our natural oils, our skin over compensates by generating an excess, causing imbalanced and blemished skin.

That's why Wild Sage have formulated their Oil Cleanser for dry skin.

Like their Cleanser for Oily skin, their Dry and combination cleanser contains Organic Rosehip oil and Apricot Kernel oil, both renowned for their moisturising properties and anti-aging effects.

However for this blend they have added Grapeseed Oil, which is a particularly efficient moisturiser that doesnt block the pours.
Frankincense and Patchoili also work to help keep the skin moisturised and make this oil cleanser particularly indulgent.

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