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Tobias Illustrations Stickers

Sale price£1.50


Hand Drawn Stickers from Tobias Illustrations.

Sold by Tobias Illustrations. Dispatched by Illustrate.

Featuring 14 designs on high quality die cut stickers.

Designs available:

- Grey Wolf (H:114mm x W:74mm)

- Black Bear (H:115mm x W:91mm)

- The Stag (H:114mm x W:74mm)

- Twiga (H:115mm x W:77mm)

- Night Owl (H:114mm x W:72mm)

- An Elephant Never Forgets (H:114mm x W:90mm)

- Hamsa Hand (H:114mm x W:90mm)

- Mandala (H:114mm x W:114mm)

- Tortoise (H:81mm x W:114mm)

- The Lonely Whale (H:114mm x W:156mm)

- Bison (H:115mm x W:91mm)

- Fox (H:114mm x W:74mm)

- Sheru (H:114mm x W:87mm)

- Polar (H:114mm x W:87mm)

Available individually or in a set of five for 5. Set of five stickers can vary across artist and designs, simply pick five stickers and at checkout add the discount code "5for5" to receive a 2.50 discount.

Tobias Illustrations Stickers
Tobias Illustrations Stickers Sale price£1.50