Meet the Artist

Liam Ashurst

Liam Ashurst, the first artist to join our collective, is a graphic designer hailing from North Wales but now based in Leeds. Despite swapping rolling hills for roundabouts, Liam’s upbringing in rural Wales has left him with a deep love for nature and the outdoors, a love that is easy to spot in his work.

Liam’s work is characterised by bold, minimalist designs – he’s based much of his style on woodcuts but bringing a modern feel to this traditional aesthetic. Liam is completely self-taught and does all his work digitally, on a graphics tablet.

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In their own words...

Q: "Tell us about your artistic style, what inspires you?"

A: "I like to strip back my illustration work to something really clean and bold; my work is nature and outdoors inspired having spent most of my life around rural North Wales as a source of inspiration. My work is also heavily inspired by woodcuts but mixing a modern approach with that traditional aesthetic."

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