Products with Social Benefits

At Illustrate, we look to create the best, most innovative work we can whilst having the least impact. Whether it’s through using recycled or natural materials, insisting on proof of workers rights from suppliers or moving production in-house we always try to minimise our negative impact, but why can’t a purchase mean something more?

By matching a purchase with positive action, we want to change the way we think about the things we buy.

Through partnering up with global charities we’ve worked to develop notebooks which contain the core elements of a primary education and, for every sketch or notebook sold on Illustrate, we donate a notebook, and with it those educational resources, to schools in less-privileged countries. Following on in a similar vein, all our wooden phone cases and boards fall under our reforestation scheme so for each one sold we commit to planting a tree!

Artwork & Supplies



We help all the creatives on the Illustrate Marketplace produce and responsibly source materials to ensure care is taken in every item of clothing they sell. Therefore, all clothing abides by our code of conduct. This means that it must be certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and either OEKO-TEX, GOTS or the Global Recycling Standard.

All our clothing is FWF certified ensuring the rights of the workers that made it.

We like to keep things local that way we can support fellow independent businesses, cut down on needless emissions and  keep a close eye on quality. That's why all clothing is printed locally, right here in Bristol.

We are now operating a one for one donation scheme on all our children's clothing. Matching each sale with a donation to children less fortunate.