Please can I get a tracking code for my order?

We currently process all orders with the Royal Mail postal service, sending orders out at 1st/2nd class depending on how quickly they are dispatched. Unfortunately this service doesn't include a tracking number. If you wish to get your items tracked please get in touch via the "Contact Us" tab and it can be arranged prior to your order. Please note this is a lot more expensive than our usual shipping/postage fee.


What time/dates are you in Camden/Bristol markets this month?

Times and dates do vary so please subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated with our stall locations, latest product releases and deals + discounts.


Can you produce custom artwork for tattoos or corporate design?

Yes, subject to availability. Please get in touch via the contact us tab to begin discussions with our in-house designers.


Can you produce one off cases for a "xyz" phone?

Unfortunately not, our suppliers only produce select models in Samsung and iPhone. Due to the niche nature of the product only the most popular cases are available.