Scented Candles



Recycled Glass & Bamboo

Our jars are made from 100% recycled glass and are themselves completely recyclable. Sturdy and decorative you could reuse the jar for another candle or for any number of other uses &, as glass is infinitely recyclable, who knows where the glass in this jar could end up...

Using recycled glass takes less energy than making it new meaning that when you buy recycled glass you're cutting emissions too!

The lids are made from bamboo which is fast growing & requires no replanting or fertiliser. We only use sustainably sourced bamboo and the lids too are 100% recyclable.

Scented Candles

Why Soy?

Soy wax doesn't just burn cleaner than the wax used in traditional candles, it burns for longer as well! Soy wax has a lower melting point and so the wicks used can burn much cooler meaning soy wax candles can last as much as twice as long as ones made from traditional wax.

Better yet, by using soy wax it means our candles are completely cruelty free! They don't need the animal fat used to harden traditional candles nor are they made with beeswax.

Soy wax also burns cleaner than traditional waxes which can contain toxins and have a poor effect on people suffering from conditions like asthma. Our candles are completely toxin free and won't leave sooty deposits which is ideal for indoors use.

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