Vegan Leather

All of our wallets are made from 100% vegan leather (PU) and similarly our bags use only vegan leather as well. It was a decision we took as we want to eliminate all areas of cruelty or exploitation from our supply chain whether it's human or animal.

In 2019 we look to make Illustrate completely cruelty free.

Our scented candle and Illustrate Eco ranges also offer cruelty free, vegan alternatives to commonly animal based products.

Elevated Design

Our bags are ergonomically designed, built to withstand the wear and tear of an active, outdoors life but to put our own stamp on them we wanted to add an artistic flourish too. The same thinking went behind the design of our wallets; timeless styles paired with original artwork & contemporary design.

Classic essentials with a modern twist.

The linings of our bags have been exclusively designed for Illustrate by UK textile designer Laura May and also feature brass plaques designed by long time Illustrate collaborator Liam Ashurst! 

Our wallets are all embossed with the 'Simplistic Wolf' design by Illustrate co-founder Tobias Illustrations for a minimal, stylish finish.

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