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Andreas Lie

Andreas, a visual artist, uses photographs along with his formidable editing skills to create his work. His signature style, digital-double-exposure, creates fantastic pieces, the kind which always lend themselves to a second look.

Based in Bergen, it is the ruggedly beautiful Norwegian wilderness he counts himself as so lucky to be around which inspires much of his work. Soaring mountains, dense forest and the creatures that inhabit them populate his work as Andreas wishes to reflect his own deep appreciation for the natural world and by doing so to inspire others.

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In their own words...

Q: “Who are your inspirations, not just artists?” 

A: “I admire visionaries who think really big, and don't just do things for the potential money, so I really like people like Elon Musk. Other than that, I am really inspired by artists who manage to do good in the visual world as well as in music like Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50) and Norwegian Kim Hiorthøy because that's what I am trying to do as well.”

Q: “Do you have a favourite spot to work in?”

A: “I like to work in cafés and similar places with an ambient noise of talking because I feel I can't procrastinate as much there. I am very productive in those places.”  

Q: “Finally, any advice for aspiring artists?” 

A: “Create something new everyday. Even when you really don't feel like it, just do it for 5 minutes. You will in the process create many things that suck, and that's okay. In the end you will end up with something really cool, you will have tried many new things and every time you do it your skills will increase. win-win-win.”

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