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Our vision is to create a platform for artists to showcase and display their work on unique, high-quality, sustainable and exclusively designed products at affordable prices.
Illustrate is a brand brought to you by James Katz and Toby Brunsdon. Founded in 2015.
When it began back in late 2014, Toby traded his art at local markets with the support of his family and friends, but soon it became apparent that the dream was much bigger. After brainstorming with James, they came up with Illustrate. A brand dedicated to supporting emerging talent by transforming art into fashion, with a goal to provide a more sustainable, ethically sourced product.
At Illustrate we aim to reflect the beauty of wildlife and nature through artwork, therefore creating an awareness of the natural environment. With this in mind, we create products that are sensitive to the environment by using recycled and organic materials, with sustainable and low-carbon production methods. We appreciate fine artwork in its traditional form and transform it into a range of unique products, such as tees, sketchbooks and wooden engraved phone cases. Throughout the design process we ensure that we are creating a product that is designed with the highest attention to detail, using quality materials. We believe that fashion should be unique, well made and timeless. With this in mind, we don’t follow the high street trend of updating seasonally; we update our range monthly with new artwork from our collective of artists.
Illustrate as an artist collective has grown from just 3 artists in July 2016 to 9 artists in January 2018. We support artists both local and worldwide, from Egypt to here in Bristol, UK. You can check out our Illustrators work in the menu bar and find out more about them in our blog posts. We are always looking to grow our team of artists; if you feel your style fits our brand image and vision but also brings something new to the table please get in touch with your online portfolio:
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