Illustrate x The Paper Rain Project

Illustrate is at its heart a collaborative effort, focused on finding groups of people and companies that share our ethos. The world is brimming with organisations who share the same commitment to sustainable social and environmental practises as well as our desire to see creativity rewarded and celebrated. As such, we are always looking for opportunities, or they find us, where we can collaborate with these groups of people and pool our resources together to create unique products and experiences that manage to reach numbers of individuals which we couldn't do alone. Macrocarpa art board 'The Fox'

The Paper Rain Project is a New Zealand based collective which, although going back a few years earlier, fully got rolling in 2013. Like all things worth doing, it wasn't easy but it was born from a lifelong passion that co-founders Wills & Indigo shared for the natural world and for creativity in all it's forms.

The Paper Rain Project prizes quality and sustainability over all else when developing new products - you only need to cast a cursory glance over their line of boards, crafted from wine-barrels, to appreciate the love and dedication that has been engrained into their projects. Their story is a really interesting one and one they've already told superbly, needless to say they dream big but they actually go a long way to make those dreams a reality.Macrocarpa art board 'Black Bear'

The partnership between The Paper Rain Project & Illustrate goes back a lot further than just our current collaboration. Back in the summer of 2015, our resident artist and co-founder - Tobias Illustrations, became one of the international artists to have their art featured on The Paper Rain Project's range of art boards (made either from recycled wine barrels, maple or locally grown macrocarpa.) Toby's signature zentangle designs fit seamlessly with The Paper Rain Project's emphasis on nature & design whilst the use of recycled or sustainable, locally grown materials perfectly coincides with our commitment to sustainable practise in everything we do. In short it was a marriage made in heaven and we both knew that our two organisations would work together again in the future!Macrocarpa art board 'Night Owl'

Fast forward three years, three years in which Illustrate's designs have continued to feature on The Paper Rain Projects array of boards, we wanted to make the art & craftsmanship behind these stunning boards accessible to our customers and followers by providing the chance to get your hands on one of our collaborative pieces, absolutely free of charge. In conjunction with The Paper Rain Project we're running a giveaway in which you are asked to follow Illustrate.mmxv, The Paper Rain Project and Tobias Illustration's official pages before tagging a friend and commenting on which board you'd like best. It's really simple and you could get your hands on one of these beautiful boards worth $450! Not only that but you'll then be able to keep up to date with all of the awesome work The Paper Rain Project are doing and, if you aren't already, be able to check in on what we've got in the works as well.

Macrocarpa art board 'The Bison'

We've already had an incredible response across all of our channels but there is, at the time of writing, still a chance to throw your hat into the ring and be in with a chance of winning.

The competition ends on Friday 24th August, after which we will pick a winner from all entries after the deadline has passed. Whilst maybe not a once in a lifetime opportunity, these boards hardly grow on trees (at least not fully formed,) so don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on a piece of truly awesome craftsmanship.Macrocarpa art board 'Grey Wolf'