Feature: Illustrate Mini

This week we're all about our Illustrate Mini range- with sizes for kids age 2-13, great designs and super soft cotton, our mini clothes make great gifts, or just a solid addition to the wardrobe. 

In our last blog we featured the company who manufactures our Illustrate Mini clothes for us- Mantis World. Like all our products, the Mini range is sustainbly sourced and ethically produced and you can feel comfortable with your child wearing them, knowing exactly where they came from, and how they were made. 


Along with that, the Mini tshirts and sweaters are made from 100% organic cotton, making them super soft and comfortable, and meaning they wash well.

One of the best things about the Mini range is that it's entirely unisex, meaning any child will love it. It's the same with the majority of our products- we aim for gender neutrality, because art is for everyone. 

The entire range features eye-catching designs on a natural theme that are locally screen printed in Bristol. The designs are hand-drawn and get better every time you look at them; new details within the designs are revealed all the time. The Mini range is especially engaging, and adorable at that.