Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit global organisation dedicated to making a change in the fashion industry. Working across 90 countries with designers, retailers, workers, fashion lovers and many more creators, Fashion Revolution calls for more ethical and sustainable practices and greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. They believe in a fashion industry of the future that not only values people but the environment as well, and believes that both of these are as important as making profit.
Here at Illustrate, we feel that Fashion Revolution neatly encompasses everything we stand for as a brand; it’s no secret that every single one of our products is ethically and sustainably sourced. Fashion Revolution Day happens during April; it falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Building Collapse, which killed 1129 people in Bangladesh in 2013, the majority of whom were garment factory workers. It is noted that the shops on the ground floor of the Rana Plaza were closed when cracks were discovered in the walls, but the building owners refused to close the factories, forcing their workers to return to work and the morning after the building collapsed.
Although many companies have been working to towards more ethical practices for a long time now, the Rana Plaza collapse was a big wake up call for many people in the fashion industry, and it was the day that Fashion Revolution was born. Developing on this, every April since its creation Fashion Revolution also holds a week long campaign where they encourage people to ask “Who Made My Clothes?” and companies to demonstrate the transparency of their own supply chain. The “Who Made My Clothes?” hashtag was the number 1 global trend on Twitter in 2015.
At Illustrate, when we were asked by customers “Who Made My Clothes?” we were able to provide them with this picture from Mantis World, who create our Illustrate Mini range.
Mantis World as a company is a great example of how large scale manufacturing can be performed ethically. You can check out their website by clicking on the image. 
Unfortunately, we don’t have a similar picture from Continental, the company who make our adult range, but they are just as committed to providing safe working environments, living wage and freedom of association, meaning their workers are free to leave their jobs whenever they please. Continental has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2006, another not-for-profit organisation that works for better rights for workers in garment factories. You can check out Continental’s website and Fair Wear Foundation’s website by clicking on the images. 
For some more information about how we became a more sustainable brand, check out our previous blog post “Here’s How We Became an Eco-Friendly Brand”.
Fashion Revolution is growing all the time, and so is Illustrate. We hope that during the next Fashion Revolution week, many more of our customers will want to know about the origins of not only the clothes they buy from us, but from other brands as well. 
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