Artist Profile - Liam Ashurst

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Liam Ashurst
Liam creates graphic illustrations that are inspired by the outdoors. Here at Illustrate Liam's work is printed on a variety of products, ranging from recycled notebooks to 5 panel caps. Liam has been on board Illustrate from the beginning after being scouted on Instagram and has been a welcomed addition ever since. His clean cut designs based on wildlife and the natural world really drew our attention and matched the brand image we're creating perfectly.
About Liam:
I'm completely self taught, all of my work is done digitally with a graphics tablet. I like to strip back my illustration work to something really clean and bold.
  My work is nature and outdoors inspired, having spent most of my life around rural North Wales as a source of inspiration. My work is also heavily inspired by woodcuts but mixing a modern approach with that traditional aesthetic.
 Products of the month:
On the Horizon:
We're very excited to be adding these two new and exclusive designs to our product range. Keep an eye out for new clothing and cases sporting the Spirit Bison and Log Cabin in our Winter collection...
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