Artist Profile - Muhammed Salah

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MS Artwork
MS Artwork aka Muhammed Salah is the latest artist to join our collective. We were really drawn in by Muhammed's unique digital galactic designs. By using traditional pen-work Muhammed creates the outline and details in his work. He follows this up by painting the galaxy digitally, spending several hours mixing colours with soft and hard brushes on photoshop. 
"I'm Muhammed Salah an Egyptian self taught artist and graduate from engineering faculty, living in Egypt and enjoying creating my own planet.

If not with passion then, why?

Maybe this is the question that can make most of us drift away, or at least this is what happened to me. From communication engineering to art. As a self-taught artist the road wasn't paved with roses, but when it's about fulfilling your passion then you got the why!" 
For more of MS Artwork:
 On the Horizon:
We are currently working on a new range of colour-printed T-shirts sporting Muhammed and Kathrin's designs so keep your eyes pealed.
Muhammed's signed prints are now available online:

Thanks for reading our latest Artist Profile.

We are always looking for new talent to join the collective. If you are interested in collaborating or working closely with Illustrate on a more permanent basis please get in touch via the "Contact Us" tab with your portfolio. 

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