Artist Profile - Lloyd Stratton

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Lloyd Stratton
Lloyd Stratton is a Brighton based illustrator who specialises in  traditional black archival ink on paper. Illustrate features Lloyd's series of forest animals blended with cosmic elements.
 We asked Lloyd a few questions about his experiences and passion for art:
How did you start drawing and painting? 

'I have always loved drawing from a pretty early age. It was probably helped by the fact my Dad is an art teacher. I then studied illustration at Westminster University'

Were you inspired by any artists or illustrators?

'I was influenced by a lot of children's book illustrators like Quentin Blake and Maurice Sendak in particular. 'Where the Wild Things Are' was probably the book that made me want to become an illustrator.''
What is the process you go through to create your final piece?
'My illustrations are hand drawn in black ink primarily and have a strong emphasis on detail and shading. It’s relatively straightforward in terms of the process; once I’m happy with the initial composition sketch then I just ink in all the detail and scan in the final drawing to touch up digitally. I try and keep the digital side of things to a minimum though as I like most of my work to retain a hand drawn aesthetic.'
Is there a particular reason why you enjoy drawing animals?
'I always enjoy illustrating animals, they’re a lot more fun to draw than people. I like the challenge of trying to capture the texture of fur, feathers and scales through different pen marks and shading techniques.'
You can follow Lloyd Stratton and his artwork on his Instagram @lloydstratton. You can also keep up to date on all of our artists and find new artists by following our Instagram @instaillustrate.
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