Artist Profile - David Art

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David Art aka David Ambarzumjam
David Ambarzumjan, known to Illustrate as David Art is an Armenian artist and illustrator based in Germany. David's cosmic animal series features 4 pieces; the Cosmic Whale, Cosmic Fox, Cosmic Turtle and Cosmic Wolf. All four are composed using a blend of coloured pencils and watercolours.
 We asked David a few questions about his experiences and passion for art:
How did you start drawing and painting? 
'After my parents discovered my talent and interest in art, they sent me to various art classes to learn to use different art materials and to improve my skills. I have been drawing and painting anything that comes to my mind since I was a little kid, but two years ago I started to create artwork that was inspired by the nature of our world'
Does your artwork contain any messages?
'In the cosmic animal series, I mix up the cosmos with wild life animals to draw attention to the universe as their true origin. In a way, we are all made of stars. I often draw animals, to stress their importance in nature and the threat may face due to the ruthlessness of humans.'

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